Are you struggling to break the chain of addiction?

Since you are reading this, the chances are you have made the decision to change your life and beat your addiction. It can be hard to admit that your drug or alcohol use has gotten out of control but taking this first step leads you to the path for a better life and recovery.

Starting your recovery process can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help.

Call us or send an online enquiry and our qualified staff will answer all your questions.

The first step will be to set up an assessment with you so we can better understand your goals and needs.

Smaller group sizes mean more individual attention

At Seahaven Private, the maximum number of participants in the program is eight. This ensures we can provide you with more individual attention. The small participant size allows an environment where you can feel more peaceful and focused on your recovery.

Why should you go to rehab?

Addiction is a treatable disease

Recovery is possible

The truth is no one ever wants to go to rehab. Rehab seems like a scary, overwhelming place and even the word rehab comes with its own stigma. For many addicts, the thought of going to rehab can be completely overwhelming. Rehab means changing almost everything in your life, from your behaviours, thought patterns and habits, to your hobbies and friends. With all the hard work you must put in at rehab, why should you even bother going in the first place?

Quitting drugs on your own can be dangerous

It is much safer to quit drugs or alcohol under the care of an experienced rehab service. Often quitting drugs or alcohol comes with extremely uncomfortable and painful side effects, sometimes even death. Quitting alcohol cold turkey can induce seizures if you are heavily dependent. Other side effects of going cold turkey from alcohol or drugs can include diarrhoea, vomiting, cold sweats, insomnia, hallucinations, and panic attacks. It is much safer to be under the care of a doctor or addiction service.

Rehab can save your life

In Australia in 2018 there were 2070 drug induced deaths. Addiction can put you in dangerous situations as well as cause some serious illness and overdose. As hopeless as you may feel right now, you have a life worth living. Going to rehab can give you the chance to do so.

Not only can rehab save your life, it can also enable you to regain control over it, living life intoxicated, is not living at all. Drugs are chemicals that completely manipulate a person’s capacity for self-control. By stopping drug use and learning how to live without drugs, you can establish a new life full of sound decision-making, honesty, and peace of mind.

Rehab can save your relationships

During your addiction you may have burned some bridges, lied, stolen, and hurt loved ones. Going to rehab can help re-build these relationships. You can gain a clearer perspective and start to rebuild trust with those you have hurt. Addiction may have torn apart some of your relationships, but rehab can help piece them back together. Rehab also facilitates you building new meaningful relationships with a sober community. You are not alone in your addiction and it helps to build relationships with other walking in the same shoes, especially for support when you complete the program.

Rehab can teach you how to comfortably live sober

Rehab will not only help you get sober safely, you will learn how to live a sober life and live it comfortably. You will learn coping strategies and how to deal with difficult situations when they arise in everyday life, without the blanket of drugs or alcohol ( You will learn how to set goals, cook healthy meals, and maintain a healthy mind and body. Everyone wants to be able to live life happily and you will learn how to do this and be comfortable with yourself, in your own skin.

Treatment Options

Outpatient 2-week program

Comprehensive evidence-based program

Relapse prevention

Holistic therapies

Life skills sessions

AA and NA meetings

All snacks and catered lunch

Lifelong aftercare program

Assessment and support from our Addiction Specialist Doctor

Individual counselling

Individual care coordination

$2590 inc GST

Residential 28-day program (longer stays are available)

All inclusions from the Out-Patient program

Build a recovery community

Safe environment away from temptations

All accommodation and meals provided

Management of appointment

All travel provided

Medication management

Weekly drug testing

24-hour qualified staff supervision

Weekly NA and AA meetings

Group recreational activities

$12990 inc GST

At Seahaven Private, we are ready to help you live your best life and live it comfortably without the blanket of drugs and alcohol. Call us today or fill out our online form, our qualified staff are ready to help you make a lifelong change

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