Welcome to Seahaven Private, a small boutique private rehab retreat in Melbourne for people suffering addiction, seeking to restore wellbeing, health and normality to life.  Located in south east suburbs, our private residential rehab retreat is nestled on the beautiful bayside beaches.

‘The Haven’ – a place of safety, sanctuary or refuge; shelter.

Seahaven staff are dedicated to helping you on your road to recovery.

Seahaven’s approach to wellness is promoted by the use of a tried and tested, evidence-based program of abstinence.  Our empowering private rehab in Melbourne is limited to 8 participants to guarantee individualised treatment in a safe and supportive environment.  Our professional experienced Care Team are dedicated to understanding the individual needs of each client, offering a holistic approach to meet all aspects of recovery, mind, body and soul.

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, let Seahaven guide you to a place of safety, sanctuary, a refuge from the turmoil of addiction and substance abuse.

Seahaven offers structured support, evidence-based “Living in Balance” Day program. Our highly trained care teams and an appointed personal care manager for each client will make your private rehab journey a retreat.  In conjunction with an AOD Medical Specialist we provide a personalised treatment plan for recovery and build a sober community of support.  

To learn more or to start a program please Call 03 8738-4252

We understand how difficult taking the first step can be, which is why we guarantee that if clients are committed to recovery, they will undergo a life changing experience.

Therapy and out-patient addiction programs offered by Seahaven Private are helpful if you want to learn new habits and ways of coping with triggers and stressors. Support provided by Seahaven Private rehab retreat will help in the long run as they give you the tools needed to avoid slipping back into old routines.

Call Seahaven Private today to take a free, no obligation assessment to see which program would be suitable for your recovery journey.

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