Alcohol and Other Drug Rehabilitation

Our approach to alcohol and other drug rehabilitation uses an evidence-based abstinence program. It’s limited to 10 participants to guarantee individualised treatment in a safe and supportive environment.

Our professional, experienced care team is dedicated to understanding each client’s individual needs, offering a holistic, personal approach to meet all aspects of addiction recovery – mind, body, and soul. 

‘The Haven’
– a place of safety, sanctuary and refuge

Looking for Addiction Rehab Support?

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, let Seahaven guide you to a place of safety and recovery. Our rehab retreat is a sanctuary from the turmoil of living with alcohol or other drug addiction.
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Peer Support 

Healthy bonding with peers and being accountable to others who understand may be vital for alcohol and other drug rehabilitation. 

Peer support may help people work through issues that keep them trapped in negative and unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Knowing that support is there when you need it can be comforting when working on difficult issues.

Professional Guidance 

Professional guidance during alcohol and other drug rehabilitation is one of the most critical aspects of treatment at Seahaven Private. 

Our staff are passionate and dedicated professionals who strive for the best outcomes for all of our clients. 

Many of our staff members have overcome their own challenges and can use their own experience, strength, hope, and clinical training to help clients at Seahaven Private. 

Case Management 

Clients are appointed an individual, experienced case manager for the duration of their stay at Seahaven Private.

Individual Treatment Plans 

Individual treatment plans are updated weekly by clients and their therapists to reflect on their process, needs and achievements.

Aftercare Program 

After completing the Seahaven Private Addiction Recovery Program, clients receive ongoing, continued support from experienced therapists. Building a sober community is essential for alcohol and other drug rehabilitation. 

Four Weekly Program

Seahaven private runs a comprehensive program structured to run over four weeks. No matter when you enter you will receive the benefit of a full program.


Psychoeducation groups focus on a range of different topics, including:

  • the cycle of change
  • relapse prevention
  • harm reduction
  • mindfulness.

Skills Development 

Skills development groups incorporate cognitive behaviour therapy for clients to learn skills such as:

  • problem-solving
  • consequential thinking
  • effective communication.

Interpersonal Process 

Process groups allow clients to express their feelings and experiences during recovery and may help them gain self-awareness through peer feedback and support.

Twelve-step Group 

This group introduces clients to the steps, traditions and principles of Twelve-step programs commonly used in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Clients attend meetings nightly and will start to read literature and the step questions in the group.

Individual Psychology 

Clients participate in weekly, one-on-one psychology sessions, where they are provided with a safe space to work on personal issues related to their addiction and recovery.

Family Support 

Support for families dealing with alcohol and other drug issues is crucial to client recovery. Seahaven Private actively engages with families and significant others in the journey to drug and alcohol rehabilitation.   


Nutrition is critical for self-care and an essential part of a holistic recovery process. Together, we work with clients to create meal plans that suit their individual preferences. Our cooking classes are designed to educate clients in nutrition and how to maintain healthy eating habits. Cooking together can help build bonds within the group and promote life skills. 


Excessive use of alcohol and other drugs can impact both mind and body. Our holistic, client-centred approach to recovery and wellbeing incorporates exercise programs. Physical activity releases feel-good endorphins in the brain, which may improve:

  • mental health
  • overall wellbeing
  • stress levels
  • quality and quantity of sleep
  • mood
  • energy levels.

Healing Therapies 

We incorporate holistic healing therapies so that clients can explore all potential avenues to wellness. Activities available include:

  • sound healing
  • massage
  • fishing
  • paddle boarding
  • journaling
  • beach meditation
  • mindful nature walks

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, let Seahaven Private guide you to a place of safety, sanctuary, rehabilitation – a refuge from the turmoil of addiction and substance use.