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Immediate Admission

Evidence Based Program

Holistic Approach

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Seahaven Private, a Victorian Rehab Centre aspires to provide your client with the power and knowledge needed for their addiction recovery and treatment journey. Above all, we aim to empower your client with the ability to understand the reasons behind their addiction, mental health challenges and to provide tools for them to address these issues.

Your client can be immediately admitted to our program following their initial assessment.

Your client will be fully supported by our qualified staff, which includes an Addiction Specialist Doctor.

Your client will undertake and evidence-based program with proven results.

Your client will have access to our weekly, lifelong, aftercare program.

Addiction is a chronic disease which can be managed and treated. Above all takes much more than just your clients will power to be able to overcome addiction. Therefore at Seahaven Private, we will work closely with your client to support them through their addiction recovery journey.

Addiction Recovery Treatment Options

Out-Patient Day Addiction Recovery Program

This flexible 2-week recovery treatment program draws from cognitive behavioural therapy, experiential and Twelve Step approaches to help client achieve lifelong recovery. Our program also offers clients a chance to experience different holistic healing practices, therapies and learn essential skills to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle once they have completed the program.

Individual Counselling

Individual Case Management

Comprehensive evidence-based program

Holistic therapies

Life skills sessions

All program material

All snacks and catered lunch

Lifelong Aftercare program

Assessment and support from our Addiction Specialist Doctor

$2590 inc GST

Residential Treatment Program

In this holistic recovery rehab treatment program, clients will stay at our 8-bed facility in Seaford which backs onto the Kananook Creek. The tranquil surrounds provide clients with a space to peacefully work on themselves whilst also allowing clients to reconnect with nature. With a sandy beach only steps from the front door, it is a beautiful environment in which clients can successfully commence their recovery process.

All inclusions from the Out-Patient Program

Build a recovery community

Safe environment away from temptations

All accommodation and meals provided

Management of appointments

All travel provided

Medication management

Weekly drug testing

24-hour qualified staff supervision

Weekly NA and AA meetings

Group Activities

$12990 inc GST


We understand that some clients may require a supervised detox before beginning the program, which we include in our service.

Our Addiction Specialist Doctor will meet with and assess your client before they enter the program. If your client and our Doctor decide a supervised detox is necessary, a home detox involving daily follow-ups and assessments will be arranged. Alternatively, the Doctor may arrange a short reduction schedule.

If in-patient detox is required, our Treatment Coordinator will work with your client to find a Victorian Rehab detox centre most suited to their needs. We will then arrange transport to and from the detox facility and remain in communication with your client prior to beginning the recovery rehab at Seahaven Private.

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