Two-week Intensive Addiction Program

Seahaven Private provides people affected by alcohol or other drug addiction the opportunity to participate in an outpatient addiction day program. Clients can balance home and work commitments while receiving intensive addiction support. 

We aim to create change and transform lives so that clients can make positive choices for lifelong wellbeing. We work to empower clients to understand the reasons behind their addiction and mental health challenges and give them the tools to address them. 

At Seahaven, we can individualise each client’s own treatment to suit their personal needs. We encourage our clients to make positive lifestyle choices for the future and are available to provide post-program support. 

Seahaven Private is a private rehabilitation service in Melbourne. Our day centre is located metres from beautiful beaches and coastal reserves.

Our program offering includes:
• an intensive two-week outpatient program, or
a 28-day, 56 day, or 84 day stay in a residential rehab retreat.

If needed, extended residential stays are available and encouraged.

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At Seahaven Private, we want to build your skills and a community of support around you for the best recovery journey possible. 

We provide clients with accessible, evidence-based tools to help you manage addictive behaviours, make healthy choices and move toward resilience, peace and success in life.

Our approach to alcohol and other drug rehabilitation uses an evidence-based abstinence program, ‘Living in Balance’. 

Two-week Intensive Alcohol and Other Drugs Program Inclusions:

relapse prevention
holistic therapies
life Skills Sessions
NA and AA meeting attendance
evidence-based program facilitated by our very experienced staff
lifelong aftercare program
assessment and support from our addiction specialist doctor
individual counselling
individual case management
personal training
ongoing connection and support
all snacks and catered lunch.

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Looking for Addiction Rehab Support?

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, let Seahaven guide you to a place of safety and recovery. Our rehab retreat is a sanctuary from the turmoil of living with alcohol or other drug addiction.
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