Seahaven Private is an affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab centre service based in the south east suburbs of Melbourne. Located metres from beautiful beaches and serene coastal reserves, Seahaven provides an incredible environment for addiction recovery support and rehabilitation.

Our Values


– value and honour ourselves and others


– continually striving for greatness


– welcoming, embracing diversity and change


– dedication to creating and fostering wellbeing in clients, families, and staff


– maintaining an open, honest, trustworthy environment based on

Our Vision

Seahaven Private aspires to provide people affected by addiction and other associated conditions with the power and knowledge for the journey of recovery, to create change and transform lives with positive choice for lifelong wellbeing.

Our Mission

We aim to empower clients with the ability to understand the reasons behind their AOD and associated mental health challenges.

We aim to provide a range of tools for clients to be able to use to address these issues and to be able to individualise their own treatment to suit their personal needs.

We aim to provide clients with positive lifestyle choices for the future.

Our Principles

Staying with Seahaven Private (‘Seahaven’) will help you reconnect with yourself within a safe and relaxed environment. Following a structured and therapeutic program, Seahaven delivers a mix of evidence-based treatment interventions. These services include individual and group counselling, mental and physical wellbeing and life skills with an emphasis on self-help and mutual support to reintegration back to family and community living.

Providing Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Program in Melbourne 

Our Programs

Our Day Program operates from our day centre and office in Carrum (‘Headquarters’).   Our ‘Living in Balance’ program encompasses additional activities such as PARC Recreation Centre, local yoga studio and on the beautiful beaches and nature reserves our Bayside location has to offer. 

Our Residential Program is for clients requiring additional support with an extended stay in our residential retreat located in Seaford (‘The Haven’).  Each day clients are provided with a safe supportive environment with constant guidance from experienced Seahaven Support staff.  
Daily planned activities and sessions

Focused on you or your loved one

At Seahaven we focus on you, the client, re-connecting with yourself as well as connecting with other support professionals and groups.

We encourage a holistic approach to wellness and recovery. This includes the provision of all meals, physical and mental health activities, the evidence-based ‘Living in Balance structured program and the ’12 Steps’ run through attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous (‘AA’) and Narcotics Anonymous (‘NA’).  

Tailored for individual needs

We will work with you to include individual needs in your Recovery

We work closely with local health and allied health professionals to meet your existing healthcare requirements  to assist you with Recovery.  

We only accommodate up to eight (8) clients at any one time to enhance our personalised care for your Recovery.  We are pleased to cater for any dietary and/or physical challenges or needs.

Our Care Team members are qualified in a range of diverse specialist skills and all are here for YOU. We encourage honest, open communication, family support and engagement. Your privacy is protected and valued.   

Call us today to experience the Seahaven Private Retreat for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation or reach out via phone on (03) 8738 4252